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When is Asphalt Crack Repair Needed?  

When is Asphalt Crack Repair Needed?

Cracks are a normal, albeit unsightly, issue that plagues all asphalt pavement at some point. Small voids are so common that most property owners and managers don’t pay much attention to them. However, investing in asphalt crack repair as soon as possible can help prevent worsening trouble and more cost-extensive issues.

What Is Asphalt Crack Repair?

Crack repairs are a common maintenance service that addresses voids of varying sizes and severities. Many use the terms asphalt crack sealing and filling interchangeably. While both services aim to prevent cracks from worsening, the techniques contractors utilize may vary based on the extent of the damage.

Many types of cracks can affect asphalt. For example, longitudinal cracks run parallel to the pavement’s centerline, while traverse cracks extend perpendicularly. What happens to your pavement will depend on the root cause of the cracking, such as settling or poor foundational integrity.

Whatever the case, contractors can examine the issue to determine the right course of action. Whether filling wide voids with blacktop crack filler or spreading hot asphalt crack sealer, repair techniques safeguard the pavement from water penetration and help prevent voids from widening.

Why Should I Prioritize Crack Repair in Eagle?

Cracks are just the start of your troubles. Things will worsen if you fail to contact an asphalt crack sealing contractor. Voids are the perfect entry point for water. Once it gets in, water can wreak havoc on the deeper pavement layers you can’t see.

For example, trapped water can freeze during the winter, expanding to push voids farther apart. Meanwhile, water can seep into the foundation sub-base, causing erosion that results in alligator cracking or potholes.

You must prioritize crack repair in Eagle to avoid major complications. Filling and sealing cracks is easy. However, dealing with more extensive damage caused by neglected cracks isn’t.

How Often Should I Get Asphalt Patching?

Ideally, the best approach is to hire contractors for asphalt crack sealing and filling as soon as you notice voids developing. The sooner you take action, the lower the water penetration and damage risk. However, cracks are so common that contacting an asphalt crack repair company whenever you notice a hairline crack isn’t feasible.

For that reason, contractors recommend using blacktop crack filler at least once a year. Crack repairs should be a routine part of your annual maintenance plan.

How Does Crack Filling and Sealing Work?

After a close inspection from an asphalt crack sealing contractor, professionals will determine the right approach based on the severity of the damage. Generally, asphalt crack sealer is the go-to for working cracks over a tenth of an inch wide. Blacktop crack filler may benefit non-working cracks less than a tenth of an inch wide.

There are many products for crack repair in Eagle. Contractors often use cold-applied sealers and fillers for voids around half an inch wide. Experts upgrade to a more robust trowel-grade alternative if the crack is closer to an inch wide.

A hot-applied asphalt crack sealer requires contractors to heat the sealant in a kettle. Once it reaches the desired temperature and consistency, teams can carefully use it to fill and seal wider cracks, providing optimal water protection.

Why Should I Hire A Paving Company?

There’s no shortage of DIY asphalt crack sealing products on the market today. However, it’s best to resist the urge to take matters into your own hands. Always hire an experienced asphalt crack sealing contractor.

Experienced contractors understand the unique nuances of crack formation. They use their skills to choose the best product and technique for every crack. Professionals know how to repair cracks correctly, avoiding additional damage and ensuring your pavement remains strong for many years.

Let a seasoned asphalt crack repair company like High Country Asphalt handle all your needs. High Country Asphalt is a trusted contractor offering services like new paving, sealcoating, mastic sealing, crack sealing, parking lot maintenance and striping. We proudly serve property owners throughout the Eagle County area of Colorado.

You can trust us to deliver great results. No matter the scope of your needs, we take a personalized approach to every project and work hard to give you the quality workmanship and service you deserve.

Call High Country Asphalt today at (970)376-4039 for a free quote. You can also email us at or use our online contact form to send us a message.

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