Asphalt Crack Filling Eagle COAsphalt crack sealing is necessary to improve your pavement’s looks while enhancing its structural integrity. Cracking is a normal phenomenon in even the most expertly engineered pavement. But failing to address those seemingly minor imperfections can lead to costly repair issues down the line. Fortunately, High Country Asphalt is here to help. We perform asphalt crack sealing in Eagle CO and the surrounding areas.

What is Asphalt Crack Sealing, and How Does It Work?

Crack sealing is a straightforward service that involves sealing cracks in asphalt pavement. Whether for a driveway, parking lot or loading dock, asphalt crack sealing is a necessary service that benefits your property in many ways.

When you hire asphalt crack sealing companies, they’ll inspect your pavement to determine if this service is the right option. It’s one of many repair services available. Because asphalt damage is always unique, professionals conduct a visual inspection to ensure that using filler can provide lasting results.

If appropriate, asphalt sealing companies will use a specialized mix to fill the voids. The filler usually comprises the petroleum byproduct bitumen with sand and other aggregates. Bitumen is the same binder used in asphalt. Your contractors will heat the mix to specific temperatures before allowing it to flow into cracks for effective sealing.

Why is Crack Sealing Necessary?

There are many reasons why you should invest in professional asphalt crack sealing. The biggest is to protect your pavement moving forward. Asphalt is tough, but its biggest enemy is water!

Cracks are the perfect penetration point for water to seep into the deeper layers of your asphalt. Once there, it can slowly deteriorate the binders and aggregate, resulting in major problems. Water can also freeze in cracks during the winter, pushing your pavement further and further apart. Before you know it, small cracks become major voids, potholes, and other costly repair issues.

Asphalt crack sealing is the best way to get ahead of that damage. Experienced asphalt sealing companies can effectively seal these voids to prevent water penetration.

Is Crack Sealing Repair Appropriate for All Cracks?

It’s important to note that asphalt crack sealing is not a fix-all solution. Generally, the service is appropriate for minor cracks. It won’t provide great results with ultra-wide voids, potholes or major structural integrity problems. Substantial damage to your asphalt needs more extensive repair work.

The key is to address cracks before they get to the point of no return. Contact an asphalt crack sealing company when you notice cracks developing. If you fill them early, you can avoid bigger headaches later.

Why Should I Hire an Asphalt Crack Sealing Company Like High Country Asphalt?

While you may encounter some DIY products claiming to get the job done, hiring an asphalt crack sealing company for professional service is always better. At High Country Asphalt, we have the expertise to do things right. We also use specialized equipment that makes quick work of the job. Our sealing machines can clean and prepare cracks, heat filler, assist with application and create a smooth finish. We believe in efficiency and want to minimize disruptions on your property as much as possible.

You can trust us to provide high-quality asphalt sealing in Eagle CO and the surrounding communities. We also do asphalt paving, residential driveways, sealcoating and more. Want to schedule your appointment? Call us at (970)376-4039 to get a free quote. If you prefer, you can also use our online contact form or email us at