Hot-Applied Mastic SealantWhether you need to seal cracks, fill small potholes or level voids created for utilities, hot-applied mastic sealant may be the solution you’re looking for. Mastic is a versatile material that can protect asphalt or concrete pavement from water penetration while withstanding traffic, thermal movement and tough weather. When your project requires hot-applied mastic sealant, High Country Asphalt has you covered. We proudly serve clients in Eagle, Colorado and the surrounding communities.

What is Hot-Applied Mastic Sealant?

Hot-applied mastics are a type of asphalt binder used for various pavement repair projects. There are many great mastics available. One of the most trusted in the asphalt maintenance industry is Mastic One by Crafco.

Mastic One is a high-grade product asphalt binder modified with polymers. It contains mechanically engineered aggregates and polymers to provide impeccable strength and protection.

As the name implies, hot-applied mastics require heating. The heating process puts the product in a spreadable form, making it an ideal material for addressing numerous pavement repair issues.

What Can Contractors Use Mastic Sealant For?

Products like Mastic One are surprisingly versatile. When properly heated and prepared, hot-applied mastics can easily fill and seal pavement cracks. Cracks serve as entry points for water penetration, threatening the structural integrity of paved surfaces. Filling and sealing pavement cracks with Mastic One keeps water out while smoothing the surface to prevent tripping hazards.

Other possible uses for asphalt binder mastics include:

  • Filling shallow potholes
  • Performing skin patches
  • Leveling sunken thermal cracks
  • Fixing edge and corner breaks
  • Pretreating cracked areas before surface treatments
  • Repairing joints
  • Sealing utility voids
  • Leveling utility covers

How Do Contractors Use Hot-Applied Mastics?

Before using sealant to seal pavement cracks or handle repairs, contractors must prepare the product in a melter. Melters contain a hot oil heating system that reaches temperatures up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit.

Products like Mastic One come in solid form. As the melter heats up, contractors place the solid bricks into it and use integrated agitation systems to slowly melt the product down. It’s ready for application when it achieves a pourable, grainy texture. The ideal application temperature for Mastic One is 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

From there, contractors can apply the sealant based on the job. Some contractors will use simple applicators to quickly and efficiently fill cracks while smoothing the surface. Others utilize advanced melter/applicators.

Whatever the case, hot-applied mastics need time to cool. Teams can apply additional layers if necessary for a smooth, level finish.

What are the Benefits of Hot-Applied Mastic Sealant?

There are many benefits to using asphalt binder mastics for repairs and pavement cracks.

Not only is it an efficient and cost-effective solution, but these products don’t require compaction. They achieve 100 percent density after cooling. Furthermore, mastic is pliable enough to create an air- and water-tight seal while responding to movement, traffic and wear.

Why Should I Choose High Country Asphalt as My Hot-Applied Mastics Contractor?

High Country Asphalt is an owner-operated company that has served commercial and residential property owners in and around Eagle, Colorado, for many years. We’re experts at pavement repairs and know how to use hot-applied mastic sealant to its full potential. Our team treats every project with the care and attention it deserves, all while delivering outstanding customer service and results you can show off.

We offer various services to help you maintain your pavement, including sealcoating, crack sealing, parking lot maintenance, striping and more.

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