Residential SealcoatingTake your property’s curb appeal up a notch while investing in a service that keeps your driveway around for decades! Residential sealcoating Eagle CO is an essential piece of the asphalt maintenance puzzle. It works to provide lasting protection from the elements while restoring your pavement’s color and increasing its durability. At High Country Asphalt, we’re proud to offer driveway sealcoating services to homeowners in Eagle, Colorado and the surrounding communities.

Why Do I Need Residential Sealcoating?

The better question is: “Can I afford not to get driveway sealcoating?”

Many people assume that asphalt is an indestructible surface that you don’t have to worry about after installation. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! While it’s tough, asphalt is at the whims of Mother Nature. Like any other surface, asphalt can degrade with time and experience damage over years of use.

Sun exposure can cause binder to oxidate, resulting in crack formation and raveling. That opens up the doors for water to penetrate and ice to widen cracks. Before you know it, you have major aesthetic and structural integrity issues on your hands.

Do yourself and your property a favor and make a habit of hiring residential sealcoating companies for this crucial service. Sealcoating is a protective barrier that prevents damage from the sun, rain, chemicals and more. Without it, your pavement will deteriorate much faster than it should. Sealcoating gives your driveway the strength and protection to last for decades.

How Can Residential Sealcoating Benefit My Home?

Think of asphalt sealcoating as an investment in your property. You paid a lot of money to get your driveway! Sealcoating is how you protect it and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

In Colorado, winters can be tough. Ice and snow can wreak havoc on asphalt without sealcoating. Failing to properly seal your driveway can result in major repair issues that cost a fortune to fix. So, it’s not just about long-lasting durability. It’s about protecting your wallet, too!

Residential sealcoating can also do wonders to improve your property’s curb appeal. Sealcoating formulas vary, but they’re typically black. As a result, even applications restore your pavement’s color and help you reclaim that sleek, like-new look.

When Should I Get Residential Sealcoating in Eagle CO?

There are several telltale signs that you need to start contacting residential sealcoating companies. One of the first things homeowners notice is discoloration. When your pavement loses its deep black hue and turns into a faded gray, it’s experiencing UV damage and could be on its way to becoming brittle. You may also see small cracks forming throughout the surface. Those cracks are the perfect entry point for water, so you should use asphalt sealcoating to close them off as soon as possible.

If you’re unsure whether your driveway could benefit from Eagle residential sealcoating, reach out to a residential sealcoating company like High Country Asphalt. We can inspect your pavement and determine if asphalt sealcoating is the right move. If so, we can also make note of any necessary repairs we need to do before applying the sealer, ensuring the final product is smooth and strong.

What Can I Expect When I Get Eagle Residential Sealcoating?

The process for residential sealcoating in Eagle CO is straightforward. The company you hire will begin by doing some prep work. That involves cleaning the surface, removing debris and treating any oil or chemical stains. From there, they can prepare and apply the mixture to every inch of your driveway.

It’s important to note that driveway sealcoating needs time to dry. Depending on the weather and the formula used, that could be around 48 hours. To avoid any major disruptions in your life, plan where to park your vehicle! Your driveway will be unusable as the sealer cures.

Why Should I Hire a Residential Sealcoating Company Like High Country Asphalt?

Don’t let the allure of DIY kits fool you. Residential sealcoating in Eagle CO is something that professionals should handle, and the team at High Country Asphalt is ready to serve! We have the equipment and know-how to complete the job quickly, efficiently and correctly. We’ve been in business for several years and have a roster of happy clients who attest to our attention to detail and top-notch customer service.

In addition to Eagle residential sealcoating, you can turn to us for commercial asphalt sealcoating, crack sealing , parking lot maintenance and striping. We’re available to serve property owners in Eagle and surrounding communities. Call us now to get your free quote. You can reach us by phone at (970)376-4039, via email at or through our online contact form.