Asphalt Sealcoating eagle coThere’s nothing better than rolling onto a well-maintained parking lot. It’s good for business, creating a safer and more convenient experience for commercial property patrons. While there’s a lot you can do to keep your pavement in good shape, asphalt sealcoating is a must! When you need asphalt sealcoating to help your property look its best, turn to High Country Asphalt. We proudly serve clients in Eagle and surrounding communities in North Colorado.

What is Asphalt Sealcoating, and Why Should I Get It?

Seal coating is an important maintenance process that requires hiring an experienced asphalt sealcoating company to complete. While asphalt paving is durable, it’s not immune to wear. Think of all the exposure your parking lot gets to sun and rain. Over time, the elements can wear down your asphalt, leading to serious aesthetic and structural problems.

Sealcoating helps to prevent damage from weather, wear and chemicals. When you hire asphalt sealcoating companies, we use the highest quality of sealer to meet your needs. After preparing your pavement and the sealer, they apply a thin layer. Seal coating needs time to cure, after which it becomes a protective barrier.

Regular sealcoating is crucial to the long-term maintenance of your pavement. It minimizes UV damage and oxidation, prevents rain and water from penetrating the surface and more. Best of all, it refreshes your pavement’s look! Asphalt sealer restores the color of the asphalt, making the finished product look like you laid down new paving.

How Often Should Seal Coating Be Done?

The standard for most properties is to apply an asphalt sealer every two to three years. However, there is no definitive timeline. What’s right for your paved surface depends on its age, current condition, exposure to the elements it receives and more. Some property owners can benefit from annual asphalt sealcoating. You may even want to do it more often to take advantage of the cosmetic benefits asphalt sealer provides.

Generally, it’s time to contact an asphalt sealcoating company whenever your pavement shows signs of wear. Look for issues like discoloration, minor cracks, uneven leveling, etc. Working with asphalt sealcoating companies is best before those problems worsen. Seal coating can restore your pavement’s protective qualities for lasting durability.

Is There Anything I Should Do Before Getting Asphalt Sealcoating?

You won’t have to lift a finger when you work with an asphalt sealcoating company like High Country Asphalt! But there are things you can do to make the process smoother.

The most important is addressing repair issues. Sealcoating isn’t a quick fix to major problems like alligator cracks, potholes or buckling. You must handle repairs before professionals apply an asphalt sealer. Fortunately, most asphalt sealcoating companies also offer repair services, allowing you to give your pavement all the attention it deserves.

Another important consideration is how asphalt sealcoating could disrupt your business. The sealer needs time to cure, which could put your parking lot out of business for up to 48 hours. Plan for that curing time and determine how you can reroute traffic. Your asphalt sealcoating company can work in sections to keep part of your lot operational if necessary.

Why is High Country Asphalt the Best Asphalt Sealcoatin Company to Meet My Needs?

When you need asphalt sealcoating, there’s no better source than High Country Asphalt! We’re an experienced asphalt sealcoating company eager to serve property owners in Eagle and surrounding communities in Colorado. We understand the importance of great asphalt maintenance. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, reliable customer service and commitment to exceeding your expectations.

In addition to asphalt sealcoating, we’re here to do residential sealcoating, asphalt crack sealing, parking lot maintenance and striping. Let’s talk about your needs! You can call us at (970)376-4039, email us at or use our online contact form to get in touch and receive your free job quote.