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What Routine Should I Follow For Parking Lot Maintenance?

Are you looking for guidance on how to perform parking lot maintenance? You’ve come to the right place! The team at High Country Asphalt is experts at parking lot maintenance in Eagle CO. We know what your property needs and have the expertise to keep your pavement in good shape.Your commercial property’s parking lot directly impacts its curb appeal. It also reflects your business and can affect what customers think of it. Keeping up with asphalt maintenance is crucial to your continued success. Here’s what you need to know.

Should Simple Cleaning Be Part of Parking Lot Maintenance?

Never underestimate the power of a good cleaning! Many property owners assume it’s OK to ignore dust and everyday trash. But trash pickup and cleaning should be a part of your Eagle CO lot maintenance routine.Debris can speed up asphalt deterioration and become a safety hazard. Plus, it’s unsightly! Some forms of trash can also directly damage your asphalt. For example, spilled chemicals and oils from vehicles often lead to staining.Clean your lot regularly. Pick up trash, blow off dust and clean off stains before they become a bigger problem.

How Often Should I Hire a Lot Maintenance Company to Do Crack Sealing?

Cracks can happen for many reasons, including weather exposure, wear and settling. They’re common, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them! Crack sealing is an important part of asphalt maintenance.When you leave cracks unaddressed, they create the perfect route for water to penetrate your asphalt. During the winter, that water can freeze and widen the voids. Before you know it, you’ll have several wide cracks and even bigger repairs to handle.It’s best to hire a parking lot maintenance company whenever you see cracks developing. The sooner you fill them, the better.

When Should I Invest in Major Repairs as Part of My Parking Lot Maintenance Routine?

Like crack sealing service, you should address damage as soon as possible. That damage will worsen with time, whether it’s alligator cracks, potholes or buckling. There’s no concrete schedule for repairs. Instead, it’s best to work with parking lot maintenance companies as soon as they occur.Professionals in Eagle CO lot maintenance can assess the damage and determine the right approach to restore your pavement’s integrity.

Is Sealcoating an Important Part of Parking Lot Maintenance in Eagle CO?

Sealcoating is another crucial element of good asphalt maintenance. It’s a service you only need to do every two to three years, depending on your lot’s condition. During your sealcoating appointment, parking lot maintenance companies will apply a thin coat of sealer over the entire surface. The sealer protects against UV damage, oxidation, stains, water penetration and more.Make sealcoating a routine part of parking lot maintenance in Eagle, CO. It can prolong your asphalt’s life and give your property a much-needed curb appeal boost!

Can Lot Maintenance Companies Provide Striping Services?

Parking lot stripes keep your lot safe, organized and efficient. You also need them to comply with local codes. Even the most durable paint will fade with time. Sun exposure and everyday traffic can make your parking lot stripes and markings look worse for wear.Aim to get re-striping services from parking lot maintenance companies every 18 to 24 months. Like sealcoating, you can get striping services sooner if necessary.

Why Should I Hire a Parking Lot Maintenance Company for Regular Service?

You don’t have to take care of your parking lot alone! Professionals who handle Eagle CO parking maintenance can lend a helping hand. They have the tools and expertise to make quick work of all your maintenance tasks. A reliable parking lot maintenance company also understands the complexities of asphalt care, ensuring it has all the attention it needs to last.At High Country Asphalt, we’re proud to provide parking lot maintenance in Eagle CO and the surrounding communities. We have years of experience making our clients happy and intend to do the same for you! Our team uses all the latest techniques, high-quality materials and effective equipment to complete every maintenance task to high standards.In addition to parking lot maintenance, we do asphalt paving, residential driveways, sealcoating, parking lot striping and crack sealing . Let us show you how we set the standards for asphalt maintenance! Call now to discuss your maintenance needs and get a free quote. We can take your call at (970)376-4039. We’ll also respond to emails at or get back to you when you submit our online contact form.

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